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How to order

how to order
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Here's what you should know before making an order

if you're ordering via mail you can print out the order form. if you can't use the form simply include all of the info on a sheet of paper.
browse through the 'zines and write down the items you want to order, including quantity, price & weight.

if you are ordering via paypal make a payment with the whole amount (price+shipping) to

whether ordering by mail or paypal you need to add up the weight of your order. The weight of each item is listed with its description in the 'zines page to make adding the weights easier. if you order more than one of any single item be sure to multiply weight by quantity.

for orders via mail you will add the item total to the shipping total & send that amount in either well-concealed cash or an international postal money order. money orders must be in euros. i accept most foreign currency, but coins are a big no-no as i can't exchange them.

all orders via mail should be sent to:

via V.Emanuele III n.15, 19020 Vezzano L. (SP) Italy

if you have any questions please
 email me if you can't find the answer here.

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