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about us

Who's behind Kataklisma and what's Kataklisma?

Kataklisma is an online distro, a project started by me, Laura, to allow people from all over the globe to buy 'zines and other diy stuff. I'm a 22 years old girl, i'm studying fashion design in Milan and i've always been into 'zines, art and creative activities. When i first started to be interested in 'zines and the world of diy the biggest problem was having the chance to buy international 'zines 'cause there weren't many distros who provided international expedition. Especially in Europe there were just small distros and it wasn't possible to have many infos about the 'zines they were selling. So i decided to start my own 'zine "kataklisma" and after that i thought it could be a great idea to start a distro to allow european people to buy and sell their 'zines. I accept any kind of 'zine submissions: music related ones, political ones, personal ones, comics, art and photogrpahy related 'zines, and any kind of diy stuff (records, clothing, accessories...).Well, i hope this project will develop a lot...i'm just waiting for you to help me doing it.
To submit your stuff please send everything to:
c/o Laura Lupi
via V.Emanuele III n.15-19020 Vezzano L. (SP) Italy
or send an email to:

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